Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Soul Reapers mini-dex update info

In the next week and a half I will be uploading version 5 of the playtest mini-dex. I am finally starting to go through the process of converting the document into a multi-column Codex styled product. It is also getting some of the great splash images (like the one pictured above) throughout the codex, that Menzies has graciously done for the project.

This version will include no less than five new unit entries, plus the Chaos Drop Pod option as a transport. We have also chosen which one of the two playtest Icons will make it into the final version. We will also be lowering the points cost of all Plasma Pistols by five points, this is really just installing a GiF Man-cave UHR (universal house rule) to the project.

We have also decided to take a rather radical step, we will be rewriting and replacing the Chaos Marine entry with a new version done in the same style as all three of the new Marine codecies.

Here is the new entry we have been using in the GiF Man-cave for the last two months.

Soul Reapers Marine Squad………………95 points

Unit Composition:
4 Soul Reaper Marines
1 Aspiring Champion

Unit Type:

Power Armor
Bolt Pistol
Close Combat Weapon
Frag and Krak grenades

Special Rules:
Fear is for the Weak

Dedicated Transport:
* May select a Chaos Rhino or Chaos Drop Pod

*May include up to five additional Soul Reaper Marines: +16 points per model.
*One model may take an Icon:
- Personal Icon……………..5pts
- Icon of Perpetual War….25pts
*One model may replace his bolter with one of the following:
- flamer……………………Free
- melta gun………………..5pts
- plasma gun…………….10pts
*If the Squad numbers 8 models or more, one Marine may replace his bolter with one of the following:
- flamer, heavy bolter, autocannon,
missile launcher…………….Free
- melta gun………………………5pts
- plasma gun, lascannon……..10pts
*The Aspiring Champion may replace his bolter and/or bolt pistol with the following:
- twin linked bolter………....5pts
- combi-weapon…………...10pts
- plasma pistol……………10pts
*The Aspiring Champion may replace his close combat weapon with one of the following:
- power weapon………….15pts
- power fist………………..25pts
*The Aspiring Champion may take melta bombs: +5pts

Monday, April 26, 2010

The true power has arrived!: Xusia the Master of Malevolence

Here he is in all his painted glory! I am quite happy with how well he turned out. This was my first attempt at doing lightning on a force/power weapon, I think it turned out ok.

I will be updating the entry for Xusia tomorrow for inclusion in this weekends update of the Playtest mini-dex.

Oh yeah, I don't want to forget to give a shout out to Corvus and his fantastic blog. He provided me with the nifty new background image I used here. I'd also like the thank Dverning for introducing me to corvus' blog!

For those that are interested here is a list of where I got the parts for the conversion.

His lower body was from limited ed DA vet, the chest from the Zerker box, R arm from CSM box, R hand SW box, L arm SW box, L gauntlet from CSM, L hand from Marine Termy Libby. Antlers for the helmet and the staff haft Chaos Lord box. The staff mace head comes from LoTR Sauron. L handed holster and shoulder pad chaos bikes squad box. Grenade and pouch Catachan box

These are the parts that are from WH fantasy: the skull helmet minus the antlers, hanging skulls on the pack and the scroll on his waist. The helm is from the chaos warrior box and the scroll/hanging skulls are from the Empire flagellants.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something wicked this way comes

Xusia the Master of Malevolence is about to finally make his fully painted debut here on Galaxy in Flames. It has taken me two months of tinkering with different ideas and techniques to get him done. I have also had multiple emails asking what happened to him. Rest assured the wait is almost over.

Xusia will be posted up in all his finished glory within the next 24 hours. So keep your eyes on GIF, for this wicked madman is about to take over!

For those that have not seen or do not remember the model here is the unpainted front shot.

Thanks for all the support for the Soul Reapers project, I appreciate it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soul Reapers Possessed unit entry

Here is the next version of the Possessed that will be going into the next min-dex update for testing.

Possessed Marine

WS-4, BS-4, S-5, T-4, W-1, I-4, A-2, LD-10, Points-28

Power armor
Possessed count as having 2 close combat weapons

Special Rules
5+ invulnerable save

One Possessed Marine may be upgraded to an Aspiring Champion for 30 points. If a Champion is taken the Squad increases its initiative by +1 as long as he is alive.

One possessed may take a Personal Icon for 5 points.

Daemonkin Chart
At the beginning of the game before deployment roll one D6 and consult the chart below. The possessed unit will have this special ability for the duration of the game. If the unit has an Aspiring Champion the result may be re-rolled once.

1) Scouts: This includes their Rhino transport if they have one.
2) Furious Charge
3) Fleet
4) Daemonic Fire: The Possessed can now spit fire with the following profile.
Range 12, S-5, AP-3, Type-Assault 2

5) Feel No Pain
6) Daemonic Flight: Possessed with Daemonic Flight move as jump infantry. Additionally they may still be mounted in a transport if they have one.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Harbinger of Malice (twisted Chaos Apothecary) modeling completed

I am moving forward in my modeling for the Soul Reapers. Here is the first finished Harbinger of Malice.

He turned out so much better than I imagined he would. I'm thinking bout making his skull helmet red, to make him stand out from the other skull helmets in the army.

I should have the first modeled Reaver squad up tomorrow. I only have two left to build including the Demo-charge wielding maniac!

I finally picked up an assault bike to build the Infernal Assault bike. My original conversion just was not pleasing in my eyes.

I am also working on the Reavers Siege Rhino, which I need a name for. I'd like something that falls in line with the current naming standard Rhino and Razorback sound great. So maybe a creature from mythology would work.Does anyone have any good suggestions for a fitting name?

Also, if anyone hasn't seen it I updated and posted the Reavers background entry on the Ehdan blog. So head on over and let me know what you think?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Predator Mauler: new Soul Reapers tank

This picture is just used for the post and obviously not the actual Predator Mauler.

I have finally decided on the Soul Reapers Predator variant. I feel that his fits with the up-close and in you face style of the Soul Reapers. I will probably magnetize the weapons mounts so I can use the same chassis as my Baal in my counts as BA force.

Predator Mauler

The Predator Mauler was created during the Karpathian campaign to act in close support of Rhino borne Soul Reapers Marines. After the initial assault on the Phosgene Refineries the Imperial forces counterattacked with a massive column of mechanized infantry. Normally this would not have been a problem for the experienced Soul Reapers, but the area around the refineries has a constant thick layer of sulfurous fog across the landscape combined with the phosphorous smog visibility was grim.

The fighting was pointblank and the Chimera of the defending forces in proved more than a match for the Rhinos transporting the Reapers. No matter how many times they tried the Soul Reapers just could not break through the Imperial armored wall. What was needed was a tank capable of killing armor with enough firepower to deal with infantry.

As fate would have it the Soul Reapers had brought along a contingent of Dark Mechanicus to refit and collect from the Phosgene refineries. Skriari the DM Priest in charge of the contingent came up with the idea of rearming the Soul Reapers Predator tanks completely with Reaper Autocannons. He went about fitting a pair of Reaper Autocannons in the turret and a single one in each sponson. The turret mounted Reapers were renamed the Mauler Autocannon by Skriari. He quickly refitted twenty or so Predators to this new configuration.

Three hours later the Soul Reapers had broken through the Imperial lines and were wreaking havoc on the poor Karpathian defense forces. Lord Krug was so impressed that he decided to keep this new Predator variant in his arsenal. It was designated the Mauler after its turret armament.

Predator Mauler

Point value:

FA-13, SA-11, RA-10

Unit type:

Turret mounted Mauler Autocannon
Sponson mounted Reaper Autocannons
Smoke Launchers
Search light

(Look in page 100 in the Predator entry for anything without points listed)
Dozer blade
Extra Armor
Daemonic Possession
Dirge Caster

May take one of the following:
Pintle mounted Heavy Bolter 15
Pintle mounted twin linked bolter
Havoc Launcher

Mauler Autocannon:
Type-Heavy 4, Twin-linked, Rending

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Harbinger of Malice: new Soul Reaper unit type

When I originally started writing the background/fluff for the Soul Reapers the Apostles of Malevolence were not only sorcerers but they were apothecaries also. When we undertook the mini-dex project this was quickly changed. In the revised fluff I added a sub-cult of non-sorcerers named the Harbingers of Malice to fill the roll of keeping the captured Marines alive during the tortuous process of turning. Without a Chaos version of the Marine command squad they were left out of the list, as we didn't want to create a new HQ eating up one of those precious slots.

Now that the new Blood Angels are out, I will be using the Soul Reapers as counts as BA's in competitive gaming. With the New BA codex I have found the answer to the dilemma that kept the Harbingers out of the mini-dex. As I will be modeling a few Chaos Sanguinary Priests for my counts as army this is the perfect opportunity to add them to the mini-dex.

The Sanguinary Priest set the perfect precedent for what I wanted the Harbingers to be like. I did change the effect of their abilities for the Harbingers.

They are added to the Elite Choices of the Soul Reapers mini-dex.

Harbinger of Malice

They are the non-psycher devotees of the Apostles of Malevolence cult within the Soul Reapers. They are dynamic orators revealing their visions of carnage and glory gained by the Soul Reapers through their unwavering dedication to the Dark Gods. The visions granted them are due to the use of mind altering chemicals to converse with their Chaos patrons’, this is the darkest form of alchemy. Off the field of battle they serve the Apostles using their alchemical knowledge to keep the captives alive during the process of changing. On the battlefield they use their Alchemical Injectors to keep the Soul Reapers in the fight infusing those around them with a burning furry to slaughter the foes of Chaos.

0-1 Harbinger of Malice

WS-4, BS-4, S-4, T-4, W-1, I-4, A-2, LD-10

Points Cost:

Unit type:


Power armor
Bolt Pistol
Close Combat Weapon
Frag and Krak grenades
Alchemical Injectors: grant the bearer and any squad he has joined with the Feel no Pain and Furious Charge USR’s

Special Rules:
Fear is for the Weak
Independent Character

May take any of the following:
Melta bombs 5
Personal Icon 5

May take one of the following:
Combi-weapon 10
Twin-linked Bolter 5

May swap his Bolt pistol for the following:
Plasma Pistol 10

May swap his close combat weapon for the following:
Power Weapon 15

May take one of the following:
Jump pack or Wings 25
Bike 25


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