Friday, January 9, 2015

Warzone Resurrection at the Las Vegas Open 2015

Prodos Games and Warzone Resurrection are heading to the Las Vegas Open in February. The Las Vegas Open (LVO) will be held at the Flamingo hotel on Feb 20 through the 23rd.

There will be a Warzone Resurrection 3 round tournament starting with the 1st round on Friday evening; the remaining two rounds will be on Saturday. This will be the first Prodos Games run tournament in the US. So far we are half booked for the event with a solid 8 players with room for another 8.

There are 3 custom LVO missions, which have been turned into oversized cards (including special objective placement rules) for the event that every participant will receive a set of to take home with them. 

Undead Legionnaire added to show the size of the cards

The players have even created a commemorative logo and shirt for the event!

Here is the mock up for the shirt!

They also sent me two of these cool dice pouches to give away at the event, these dedicated Warzone Resurrection players want to show the community how they support their game and do it in style!

Prodos Games will be presenting 3 Razide Diorama trophies for the first, second and third place participants. Who will win the Coveted Golden Razide!?! Only the dice gods know! 

You can purchase your event pass here: WZR Tourney you must also purchase an LVO con badge as well.

There will also be Warzone Resurrection demos run Friday before the tournament and all day on Sunday.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year and the road ahead!

I want to wish all my friends and followers the most prosperous New Years possible! It has been a long road and I appreciate all the support you guys have given me over the years!

So the question is what is on the road ahead here on Galaxy in Flames? Well expect a lot of Warzone Resurrection in 2015, because I absolutely love the game and universe. Obviously there will be a smattering of other game systems posted about as well, since y'all know I play many games!

Bringing Mike aboard to help with content and should give you plenty to look at as you discover Warzone for yourself or just enjoy pictures of great mins and terrain!

Then there will be lots of promoting of the League of Extraordinary Gamers Blog WZR narrative Campaign, this was a had fought victory in the voting for which system they would cover as their 2015 campaign.

I am painting again and am working on a squad of Nasca Razides for WZR, pics soon!

Until next time, keep your powder dry and lead flying!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Welcome Mike to the Blog as a Content Contributor

I’d like to welcome my good friend Mike aboard, as a new content contributor to Galaxy in Flames.

He originally played Warzone back in the 90's when the first editions were out and new, that eventually brought him to play other games as will happen. However the release of Warzone Resurrection has reignited a passion for gaming that had been dulled in him for quite some time.

I am going to let Mike introduce himself in his own words:

“Well hello out there, thanks Jim for asking me to contribute to your blog.

Well I’ve been demoing for Prodos Games as a Crusader now for about five months, in that time I appear to have become possessed, I have produced a ton of scenery to add to the demos we have been running, a jungle based table to represent Venus, including habitation, disused landing pads, containers and lots of scatter pieces.

Warzone Resurrection benefits from a mass of terrain, bring an element of realism to the environments the forces fight over, long gone are the open field for combat that the medieval to American civil war. These fights take place up close and personal.

Cheers, Mike”

As you might have guessed he is a keen terrain builder as well and will be sharing plenty of awesome hobby content with us here. He is currently working on a war torn cityscape for Warzone Resurrection.

He currently plays Capitol, Cybertronic and Mishima as his factions for Warzone Resurrection. He has quite a sizable Capitol force!

Everyone please give Mike a warm welcome!

Until next time keep your powder dry and lead flying!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Can you survive the Warzone's of the future?

Check out the Warzone Resurrection promotional video that in gives you a rundown of the Mutant Chronicles universe and its factions all in under 3 minutes!

Check out the Prodos Games website:
Follow us on Twitter:

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes

I’ve decided to not let some jerk ruin my place to share my gaming thoughts. So I am reactivating Galaxy in Flames. I won’t promise a ton of content, but I will be posting again. Mostly it will be Warzone Resurrection coverage as that is what I am playing most these days.

However the coverage could cover anything wargaming related like 40k, WFB, Flames of War to other historical games.



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