Monday, October 18, 2010

Tragedy strikes: the Soul Reapers have been stolen!

I spent this weekend over at my buddies house building transports and finishing up the rebasing efforts on the Soul Reapers. I built and painted 55 bases and remounted all my painted models; the army was looking schweet. I was feeling very satisfied and was looking forward to a fun photo shoot to show the Soul Reapers in all the ruined temple based glory.

I had to work the graveyard shift last night, so I packed up the Reapers and headed to work. I parked as usual in the security patrolled, gated parking lot, right next to the office door and went in for my shift. We had two operators out last night so I spent the night moving pallets instead of in the office as usual.

The crew and I headed out for breakfast/lunch at the Denny's down the road round 4AM. My van and models were intact at the time, I know this cause I shuttled 6 of us.

We ate and headed back to work around 5AM. A few of us went outside for a smoke break around 8AM only to find 6 smashed windows, including the rear window of my van. My heart sunk as I stood there in the rain dreading the inevitable result.

I lost 3 just built unpainted Rhinos, 2 converted Chaos Drop Pods, 35 Basic CSM, 10 Terminators, 6 bikes, two converted Oblits and two Dreads including my FW one. The one model lost that really kills me is the finalized conversion of Warlord Krüg from the FW lord Zufor mini. Dear lord that was a lot of hours lost for a mini I will never get to paint.

I am just at a total loss, I feel sick to my stomach. I certainly did not want to start the Soul Reapers from the ground floor again. I will rebuild it, it just won't have the same feel to the army. I already have about half of the models to replace what was lost, but it will take me a while to repurchase the rest, I just don't have the disposable income I used too.

I may take a few days off from the internet, so if you don't here from me after today for a bit don't worry I will be back.

Thanks for your time,


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