Friday, October 29, 2010

Soul Reapers Vulture Assault Squad: mini-dex Raptor replacement

Hunting Vulture for the new army.

Here is my take on Chaos Raptors; I have thought long and hard about ways of making assault marines a better choice in general.

Done in the same spirit as what I did with the Praetorian unit entry, I have done the same thing with the Vultures creating a unique unit entry.

In my opinion all jump pack equipped units should come with the Hit and Run USR standard. These units are not meant for protracted combats, they should be making lightning strikes hitting hard, then move along to their next target.

For added character I created the Hunting Vulture rule allowing these assault troops an extra dimension to their tabletop use.

Vulture Assault Squad………………125 Points

Stat line is the same as the Raptor entry in the Codex Chaos Space Marine.

• 4 Vultures
• 1 Centurion

Unit Type:
• Jump Infantry

• Power Armor
• Jump Pack
• Bolt Pistol
• Close Combat Weapon
• Frag and Krak grenades

Special Rules:
• Fear is for the Weak
• Hit and Run

May include up to five additional Vultures: +22 points per model.

One model may take an Icon:
Personal Icon………………….5pts
Icon of Perpetual War……….15pts

Up to 2 models may take one of the following:
melta gun…………………….10pts

Up to 2 models may replace their close combat weapon with one of the following:
power weapon…………………15pts
power fist………………………25pts

One model may replace their bolt pistol and close combat weapon with the following:
lightning claws…………………25pts

Any model may replace his bolt pistol with the following:
plasma pistol...………………….10pts

The Centurion may replace his bolt pistol with the following:
hand flamer………………………6pts
plasma pistol……………………10pts

The Centurion may replace his bolt pistol and close combat weapon with the following:
pair of lightning claws………….25pts

The Centurion may replace his close combat weapon with one of the following:
power weapon…………………15pts
power fist……………………….25pts

The entire Squad may take melta bombs for 30pts

Upgrade to Hunting Vultures for 20 points.

Hunting Vultures: Some Vulture squads are used to rapidly redeploy across the battlefield. They do this by attaching glide wings to their jump packs, some are even gifted by Chaos with living wings; either way these wings serve the same purpose for Hunting Raptors. Getting them where they need to be, hitting the enemy where they are weakest.

Once per game a squad of Hunting Vultures may be moved anywhere on the battlefield. When making this redeployment move the squad follows the rules for deepstriking found in the 40k rulebook.


  1. Is that silver primer? Pretty. I like the Hit & Run rule!

  2. First off, those are some sexy Sanguinary Guard wings! :-)

    Secondly, very solid mini-dex unit. I like the added options. However, I would say that this unit should be limited. Making it 0-2 might be a good way of balancing out it's benefits. Just my Humble Opinion.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Loquacious, that is just light-play on the bare grey plastic.

    Mags, Interesting idea and if i did it the Daemon Prince Vorenous could lift the restriction in his force.

  4. Un-fair, no way plastic looks that good (at least not in my world!)

  5. That looks like a really nice unit. A bit like vanguard veterans but without the stupidity of making their jump packs costs extra. The dual lightning claws for 25p is great stuff. They should always come in pairs (looks so much better) anyways:)

    I definitely would not make it 0-2, don't see a reason for that. They are fine the way they are. I especially like the winged jump pack, even if I imagine their wings as black rather than white and a bit tattered. Any thoughts on a paint scheme?

    I like Hunted Vultures rule, reminds me of swooping hawks. Maybe you should make them go off the table at the end of their assault phase and reappear in their next movement phase. I'd also consider adding a version of heroic intervention taken from vanguards, jack the cost up to 30 and only let one unit upgrade. It would make them more elite and deadly. Maybe add furious charge the turn they deep strike. Making them a unit that is meant to be played aggressively and surgically.

    The model is inspired. I do like the old raptors quite a bit too. Cool thing is that you could make a unit of each and then a unit with demonic type wings:) GW should hire you to write mini-sexes for WD that at the same time encourage kit bashing:)

  6. Thanks for the feedback Flekkzo.

    I like the way you are thinking, but fear if I did it, even if just for one unit, I'd be accused of rules cherry picking.

    I really appreciate the kind words about my design style. I'd jump at the opportunity to work in design for GW. Although I don't know if I'd wanna relocate to England to do it.


  7. Mr. Big Jim, the reason people respect your mini-dex is because you do what you want, and you want a good dex. Basically the one person who has to like the dex is you :)

    Me, I'd add a unit like that, be that's me :) The basic idea behind of it was an expensive and hard hitting unit that can both be the reason for a win but also a loss. I, as many others, play with "what ifs" with codexes, which is why it is so cool that you went all the way and made your own.

    Oh, and ever heard of freelancing and the internet :) GW needs to include better material in WD anyways:)

  8. Thanks again Flekkzo!

    I have decided to write a new version of the Hunting Vultures rule and put up a poll to see which one people prefer.

    If only GW were open to freelance content in White Dwarf!


  9. Jim why not use inferno pistols



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