Monday, March 31, 2014

New game Aetherium Kickstarter coming April 1st

My very close friend Brian and his friends have created a new game company called Anvil 8 Games. They are about to unleash their first game on the world via Kickstarter tomorrow on April 1st, here is some info and art for this great new gaming universe!

Aetherium is a tabletop miniatures board game played on customized battle map and schematic tile system that responds directly to the will of the players during the game. Players control one of two evocative factions and battle across a profound virtual landscape. Aetherium unfolds with a dynamic and intuitive “one roll” combat system.

We have compiled a series of story driven scenarios to take you through the game itself, but the unique structure ensures that no two experiences, no two games, can ever be the same.

In the Aetherium, players will:

- Remain constantly engaged in an alternating activation sequence that never pauses for conventional turns.

- Strategically program activation cards in order to anticipate your opponent’s movement, and to sequence your software as you lead your team on a bold run into the Aetherium.

- Control between 10-25 highly detailed, beautifully sculpted miniatures to represent your unique team of cyber personalities and affiliated programs.

- Engage in a daring struggle for control of an ever-shifting landscape, set against a backdrop of mind-crushing quantum noise.

-  Struggle for control of the psychological reality itself, while managing your resources to push your collective and to manipulate the terrain to its utmost.

- Revel in unmitigated glory.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Warzone Painting Challenge spotlight

Here are some better shots of Klas' Captiol miniatures from January's Challenge. He's got Big Bob as his Warlord, a squad of Light Infantry and a squad of Airborne Cavalry for his troops, supported by a pair of Purple Shark jetbikes.


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