Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Army Theme and basing

I'm considering ordering some of the fantastic Ancient Ruin resin bases from Dragon Forge. The original thought was to just use them for the Character models of the Soul Reapers, befitting their search for the ancient temples that contain the Artifacts of Salmora. The bases look so nice I am considering using them on a third to half of the Soul Reapers army. I may even mix in some of the Lost Empires Eldar-ish bases too.

The only thing I worry about is will it look good with only about a third of the army based this way. Now I would mix the bases into existing squads and units. It also makes for some interesting ideas for a tourney display base.

So what do you guys think? Should I just stick with the Character models or go whole hog and scatter a bunch of them throughout the army?


  1. My vote's on whole hog. It gives a strong, cohesive theme. The flock the rest similar to the scree and you're set. A bit over 1/3 of the army on these would be a great mix. (Curse you for showing me those Lost Empire bases. They'd fit smoothly with the Eldar bases I've already done...)

  2. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.

    You are welcome, those Lost Empire bases are pretty slick! lol


  3. I have to chime in with a vote for the whole hog too.

    Dragon Forge makes some great bases and there are plenty of sets you could use to mix-and-match a decent theme for your army. It doesn't all have to be on the one set.

    I'm going to put my Vostroyan army on a combination of "Trench Works" and "Urban Streets" bases - from Secret Weapon in my case - with the addition of some modeling snow I'll have enough variation and a decent unified theme.

  4. I started with scenic bases for just some of my minis (the newer ones) and am progressively re-basing my most-used minis with more scenic bases as time goes by. Its a slow approach, but will eventually go the whole hog!