Friday, May 29, 2009

SW Venerable Dreadnought Skeld

Here is the Dread bout 95% complete. I still have a couple of things to clean up. The Wolfs head on the AC didn't quite turn out like I had hoped, but over all I'm happy with the conversion. Now that I've done this conversion and have banged out the wrinkles, I will be able to do another conversion like this and it will be much easier next time.

Sculpted SW Great Company badge

I've decided to have a 3d Great Company badge for my Space Wolves. I've chose the Night Runner as my emblem.

So here is the badge I sculpted. It needs a little clean up, but I'm generally happy with it.

Once the badge is cleaned up and dry, I'll make a push mold for it so I won't have to sculpt it on every Marine in the army.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Back to the Fang

Sorry for the lack 'O Miniatures updates, I've been working on my FOW Germans for an upcoming tournament.

Anyway I'm back working on my wolves. I've assembled all 5 Fangs now, I still need to finish the GS work. None of the heads are attached, so they are still subject to change.

I started working on my Ven Dread. He is still very WIP.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wolf Theory

I'm planning on building an entire Great Company of Space Wolves this time around, but there are a couple of common issues.

How many Space Wolves are there in the Chapter? What makes up a Great Company?

Let's start off with what we know from the fluff. The Space Wolves were never a very large Legion during the Great Crusade. After the Horus Heresy the Wolves were only split once into the ill fated Wolf Brothers.

The Space Wolves do not follow the Codex Astartes. A standard space marine chapter has 10 companies while the Wolves have 12 Great Companies plus the Company of the Great Wolf which is said to be effectively another company.

Each Great Company has its own headquarters and territory within the Space Wolves massive fortress the Fang. With its own Spacecraft, weapons, forges and other facilities. In almost all respects, its a separate, self-sufficient body of Warriors.

It would make sense that the Space Wolves have more marines than a standard chapter. I would also venture a guess that a Great Company is larger than a standard one.

With all this in mind I will be building my Great Company along the lines of the old Epic Space Marine game. Here are the contents of the Space Wolf cards from "Space Marine".

The Great Company data card is the basic element of your army it includes.
1 Wolf Lord
20 Wolf Guard
12 Grey Hunter packs (24 bases of 5)

SO full strength a Great Company includes 140 Space Wolves before adding BC's and LF's.

You can then add up to 5 of the following to make up the rest of the Great Company. (Now keep in mind from a fluff perspective GH should be the most numerous pack in the Great Company.)

30 blood claws (6 bases of 5) or 3 full packs of 10
30 Long Fangs (6 bases of 5) or 3 full packs of 10 (remember this was before the first Wolf dex)
10 BC bikers (5 bases of 2) or 1 full pack
Tank squad of 3 tanks
Speeder squadron of 5 landspeeders

So lets just assume we take one of each the BC's and the LF's. That would put a conservative Great Company around 200 Space Wolves. With the Chapter probably maxing out around 2500 Space Wolves.

The problem in getting numbers is that the Space Wolves are not codex and so don’t follow hard and fast rules for numbers… so the above would be a rough estimate that I will work towards myself, and then add the odd extra pack here or there just for grins.

I would also note that during the research for this post I'm now unsure where in the Space Wolf chapter the Wolf Scouts belong. In the 2nd ed codex they were listed as part of the Company of the Great Wolf, but in the current codex they are not. The scouts are also not mentioned in the description of the Great Company in the current codex either.

Next time I'll be laying out my initial army list and what I'm planning on including in my Great Company as a whole.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mark 4 armor conversion

Here is a WIP of my fist converted Mk 4. I still need to fill in the wrists, but I'm really liking how he's turned out.

Space Wolves revisited

I should have had the forethought to post this sooner.

I have wanted to redo my Space Wolf army since 2000 using nothing but the current plastics and retire my old RT/2nd ed Wolves to the annals of glory.

I am a much better painter now and I would be much more satisfied having the army I've been planning all these years complete. Besides there is the kool factor of having awesome looking space Vikings, who care for nothing more than slamming down a good Ale and to fight in the service of Russ!

So lets start with a look into the past. Here are a smattering of my Wolves; all painted 10+ years ago.

Here is the test model for the New army.


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