Friday, May 29, 2009

SW Venerable Dreadnought Skeld

Here is the Dread bout 95% complete. I still have a couple of things to clean up. The Wolfs head on the AC didn't quite turn out like I had hoped, but over all I'm happy with the conversion. Now that I've done this conversion and have banged out the wrinkles, I will be able to do another conversion like this and it will be much easier next time.


  1. That's a bloody sharp conversion. I agree with you on the Wolf's head barrel (I think it should be an open mouth, but it's a minor thing. Maybe extend a barrel through it, instead?)

    My only other question is how you did the torso-bit on the front. That looks like the rear torso of a vehicle crew marine with extras?

  2. Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. I think I solved the wolfs head issue. I took it off and removed the support arm for the barrels so it would fit further back, then remounted it on top of the muzzle.

    It looks much better now. I'll get pics up after I prime it tomorrow.

    The torso bit is the rear off the Chaos vehicle upgrade sprue, with an Ork shoulder pad mounted below it.

  3. great customisation. cant wait to see it painted!

  4. I just saw this on the Ammobunker and was impressed with the creative use of bits. Then you go and post to my blog today, so I'll be following this then. Cheers!

  5. That's a beast of a venerable dreadnought, Jim. Very well-executed conversion. However, I'm still a bit iffy with regards to the double topknots though...there's something about them that doesn't seem to mesh with the overall look of the dreadie. I hope you don't mind my sharing of this opinion, Jim.

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    HKD, it's totally fine to voice your opinion. Here's hoping they look better once painted to you. I have grown quite fond of them.




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