Sunday, April 24, 2011

Commission Test Model

Here is the test model for the Angels of Vengeance. I still need to clean a few things up, but this does convey the paint scheme as I have envisioned it. I was not sure what to do with the Thunderhammer, but I think the blue wash over the gunmetal works nicely.

The client asked for a dark and brooding themed paint job with no exaggerated highlights on the black, he also wanted the red accent color to remain dark.

The bases are the flagstone ones like I use from Secret Weapon miniatures. He wants the bases to convey flagstone being reclaimed by the jungle, so I need to work out the rest of the basing.

Now I need to get approval from my client before I dig into the rest of the army.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Angels of Vengence Commission Army

So someone contacted me to paint his Nasty Angels of Vengeance tourney army. it's 2000 points of mostly Thunderhammer Stormshield Terminators. He has asked for the army to be painted to a good tabletop standard. Although I will be doing some serious conversion and painting on his counts as Belial.

So the army contains 35 Terminators, 6 Bikes, 1 Attack Bike and 2 Land speeder Typhoons.

Here is most of the models, I am still waiting on a few things to show up.


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