Monday, April 11, 2011

Spec Ops Killzone News and info

Hey Killzone fans we are hot of the heels of the success of the events held at Adepticon! I'd like to thank Adepticon and all the great gamers who made the events a success.

B.smoove was a champ at getting fantastic tables made and running the events! Make sure to check out his coverage of the Glorious events on his blog A Gentleman's Ones!

Here are a few videos that contain footage of the tables and games in progress. Thanks to the Terrainaholic on youtube for the coverage!

Killzone in progress starting at 3:45

I just got my Adepticon Killzone care package from Brian, woohoo great stuff! Decks of cards, markers and event the printed missions from the events! Thanks B!

With all that said Killzone is on the move:

I will be closing the Killzone specific forums in the near future.

I have however set up new forums for Killzone and moving all further advancement of the rules over to The Codex Project website.

This will make it ten times easier for me to monitor as I only have so many online hours in the day.

Thanks for all your wonderful support of Killzone and I hope you find you way over to the new forums over at TCP.


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