Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part 2 of the 11th Company Soul Reapers Codex review

This weeks episode 65 of the 11th company has part 2 of the Soul Reapers Codex review. They cover the Troops selections of the Soul Reapers.

I want to elaborate on the 8 man squad for weapons options. It's a fluff thing, since the Soul Reapers worship chaos as a whole, the 8 man squad represents the power imbued by the Chaos star which has eight points. The Soul Reapers believe that having one marine to represent each point of the star gains them the favor and protection of the Dark gods.

Now this fluff idea ended up making for the great in game options that the guys mentioned. It was a side effect of the fluff, because at the time I wrote it I did not have game-play in my mind at all. It's strange how things work out sometimes. I had also thought about making the eight man squad the full size, but decided to leave the option for larger squads.

The review has been pretty positive, it's also nice seeing the Soul Reapers through the competitive gamers viewpoint.

Up next time they should be covering Elites and Fast Attack.

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