Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Soul Reaper Contest first submission

Carl from the Independent Characters Podcst is the first to enter the Soul Reapers Battle Report Contest. He did a nifty proxy battle Report!

Soul Reapers verses Grey Knights

Magilla Gurilla and the guys over at Table Top War are showing their support for The Codex Project and my Soul Reapers with this exciting contest.

Please take the time to visit their blog via the link below and learn the details of entering the contest and how you might win as many as 70 custom resin scenic bases for your army


  1. Except when you tie him up for multiple turns fighting a Dreadnought! LOL

    Thanks again Carl, your insight has been helpful.

  2. A tie game against the latest codex smells like success to me Jim. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks Atrotos, I am thrilled how well they fared, even with the few rules issues on both sides.



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