Friday, May 22, 2009

Back to the Fang

Sorry for the lack 'O Miniatures updates, I've been working on my FOW Germans for an upcoming tournament.

Anyway I'm back working on my wolves. I've assembled all 5 Fangs now, I still need to finish the GS work. None of the heads are attached, so they are still subject to change.

I started working on my Ven Dread. He is still very WIP.


  1. It's interesting to see how the older metal legs & the current plastic torsos can come together so well. There's also the added advantage of making your models really look one-of-a-kind. But hell, it must've took a lot of work to put'em together.

  2. Those fangs look brilliant. and once they are primed you wont even be able to tell which bits are plastic or metal untill you pick em up.

    one thing though, the hand weapon (axe) on the sergeant looks a little "mundane" in the midst of all that advanced weaponry,are you going to GS some "power weapon" wires etc on it, or is it the point that it's just a bloody great axe for the juxstaposition?

    either way it looks great, i was just wondering :)

  3. These wolves are something else.
    I like how you make use of the old minis legs.
    I plan On doing a Pre-Heresy Wolf Army when the new sprues come out.
    13th Company of course

  4. Thanks to you all for the feedback, I appreciate it!

    HKD, the hardest conversion was the leader as he's converted from a normal 2nd ed Devastator. So I had to create a rounded mount for the torso like on the current plastic legs.

    Karitas, the axe is meant to give the impression of of a Power axe, but in reality it's just a CC weapon that hppens to be a big axe. You'll be seeing more axes throughout the army as I'm replacing about a third of my Chainswords with them.

    BigWill, I'm shooting for the heresy era feel but with modern equipment.

  5. My old enemies...:D


    Greetings from a spanish ork ;D



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