Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Krüg the Beheader Mk II: The Plan

I just thought that I would share my ideas for the second and final version of Krüg the Beheader. While I really like my original model, I want a more imposing looking monster when it comes to Warlord Krüg.

With my B-day approaching fast, I've been asked what I'd like for a gift. So I got to thinking, and decided to have Lord Zhufor ordered from Forgeworld.

Look at that comparison shot, he's a Beast!

Now I had refrained from ordering this model originally as he is covered in World Eater and Khorne Icons, but after receiving the following two illustrations from Menzies.

I decided I could make him work. After all Krügs ultimate goal is to reunify the World Eaters, so why not still display the original Legion badge with the crossed Reaper Scythes over it. I will turn the Khorne Icons into crossed Reaper Scythes.

This time Krüg will have a two handed grip on the Daemon Scythe Golornagoth, I will be using the arms and staff from the extra Njal Stormcaller I got for Christmas.

Krüg will probably lose his twin-linked bolter unless I can come up with a way to wrist mount it that does not detract from the overall feel of the model.


  1. Actually when I made that watermark it was purely by accident!

    From the fluff, we knew that Krug was a Captain of the World Eaters 17th company (as the pre-heresy picture intends to show), but somehow it made sense to show the Soul Reapers emblem on the armour, so I ended up superimposing it. It just seemed right to do so.

    Funny how the fluff feeds into the art, which in turn feeds back to the model, and back again!

    FW Zhufor is a killer of a model, it'll be great to see it all Krug-'ed up!

  2. Boo! Hiss Boo!
    Okay, now that I am done with that, I would like to state for the record that I really like the old Krug model.
    That being said, I must add that I understand the desire to make a larger and more imposing model. Good luck with the FW model. I have ordered two of them and I have been very unhappy with the resin models. They were cast very poorly....then again I don't have your modeling skills.
    Can't wait to see the model when it is done.

  3. The old model is terrific -- I hope the new one turns out to be just as good for you! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the FW model!

  4. The FW one is huge

  5. Thanks for all the great feedback! Don't worry the Original model will be seeing plenty of use in my "counts as" Tourney list. More on that later! ;-)