Sunday, October 10, 2010

2nd Killzone Blitz update

This comment by Syko really hit home for me, as I have friends deployed in Afghanistan.

Syko said...

Just so you know, KillZone has been getting a ton of play here at Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan. On Saturday we had 4 tables going with games in the campaign I'm running. Great times with a great game.

I am truly honored and happy that you guys are enjoying Killzone! It is awesome to give you guys a game that you can enjoy in your down time. I pray that you all make it home safe.

Ron is giving Killzone a permanent link on From the Warp under FTW Member projects

JabberJabber posted a fun little battle report on Warpstone Flux

Counterfett posted his Chaos Marine team on All things Fett

Papa JJ shows off his outstanding Rogue Trader themed team on Dice Rolla

Elburn talks about making a Death Watch Killteam for Killzone over on the Painting Sanctuary

Finally, my buddies over on Dice Like Thunder mention the Blitz on Episode 104


  1. Jim,

    How cool is that, Killzone is all over the world. You're doing something so imaginative and exciting it's hard to ignore!

  2. Are there any special rules for jet pack models? or do they follow the same rules as in 40k and are considered jump pack models when making a force.

  3. I have questions about Killzone and need to know where to ask them? They are about Mission Points...

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Tyler they work just like standard 40k.

    Gobbo, Mission Points at this point are straight victory points. There will be another way of doing it in the next update.

    you can always ask questions like this on the Killzone forums.


  5. Thanks Jim, I have joined the forums. Are you still looking for Watermark and help?