Sunday, October 24, 2010

Farewell Dice Like Thunder

It saddens me to say goodbye after listening to the Dice Like Thunder guys for well over 80 episodes. The show as it is now must end due to circumstances out of the current casts hands.

The good new is they cast will still be podcasting under a new name. The Eternal Warriors will be the name of their new show. The first episode should be posted up within the first week of November.

I look forward to seeing the guys get a fresh start on show that will be completely created by them for the listeners.

Good luck guys, I will be listening! Upward and Onward!


  1. I agree man, i posted something too. I look forward to the november show!

  2. What? I missed the live podcast last night, apparently something big happened!! Do you mind filling in the details while I wait for the podcast to to be posted?

    I started listening to DLT after 40K Radio 1.0 went off the air and immediatly enjoyed what the guys were doing. Its good to hear that the show will move on with a new name though...

  3. While I will miss Dice Like Thunder, I think a fresh start will be good for the cast. Can not wait!

  4. We'll be back. Nothing happened last night as we didn't record last night. the killing blow occurred this past Tuesday and didn't come from us or any game company. There was no IP issue's, money wasn't a problem, no infighting occurred. It's a long story that will cost you a lot of beers for me to talk about.



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