Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome to the beginning of the Killzone Blitz!

I decided to make today 10/10/10 the beginning of a Revolution. It has already begun, it will happen in small increments. The goal is to slowly shift the paradigm and create a golden age for homebrew rules and content on the 40k gaming tables around the globe.

The creative gamers in the 40k community deserve representation at the major events just as much as the competitive guys do. Thankfully Adepticon is all about the community at large and have given Killzone a platform to preform at. We will have Three events over the weekend, which is pretty stellar!

It is time for us to have a voice. I wish that someday we have the similar problems as the competitive guys do; like the whole Comp, no Comp debate. These mainstream players have no idea how nice they have it.

I want to thank the Guys at Dice like Thunder and Bell of Lost Souls for keeping the homebrew mindset alive.

So today is the Beginning of Killzone Week here on Galaxy in Flames. I will be posting lots of kool stuff in the coming hours and days, so keep an eye out!

I'll be back in a couple of hours to post some more Killzone content!


  1. Excellent news about Adepticon giving it a shot. Should be great fun both for those palying and those observing.

    From a more personal perspective I really agree with what BSMoove said:
    "Point is, for me it's about using models you don't use often... or even at all. I've been wanting a reason to paint this model since 1991. Killzone gave me that excuse."

    I've been given the homebrewn ruleset a shot as well using the, much simpler, but also enjoyable Kill-Team rules published in the Astro mag ages ago. Those rules are now somewhat outdated and nowhere near as well balanced as Killzone's stuff. So looks like I'll have to switch to Killzone in order to keep my Slaaneshi Kill-Team alive ;-)

    I just loving going all out on just a hnadful of minis, something I have no time or energy for when it comes to a normal-sized force. What's also great it that I can even build two 'armies' all by myself and invite a buddy over for a few quick scenarios, no more emmigration-like trails just to get to a game!

  2. I am stoked that you like the ideas! I'm also glad you re going to give Killzone a shot!


  3. Doh! I _so_ forgot to pimp this today, selfish guy that I am! Sorry bud.

    I'll post something about it on RD&C tomorrow.

    p.s.I'm a grammar freak. You want help with proofing, reach out dude. Serious offer.


  4. Not a problem, I'll post a link when you get it posted!

    Overall today has been a blast!