Monday, October 25, 2010

Soul Reapers mini-dex update coming soon

I'd like to start off by saying a big thank you to the Disciples of Fire (my followers) for all the support for this project over the eighteen months.

Since I lost my army last week I have been taking a fresh look at the Soul Reapers Mini-dex. I have played a few games against some really competitive players and lists recently, and have found the Soul Reapers a little underpowered. Not devastatingly so, but underpowered none the less. They are really struggling against the Space Wolves and Blood Angels.

Magilla pointed out that since they are a fragment of the World Eaters they should be more Killy. I agree, but not in a frothing madman way. I am thinking a balance between the Space Wolves and Blood Angels is where I want them to fall.

So although I had decided that the last update was the final one before the finished product, I have changed my mind.

I have used this opportunity to tweak things just a little.

Soul Reapers mini-dex tweaks

Here are initial changes to the min-dex.

1) Fear is for the Weak now reads: Soul Reapers are subject to the Stubborn USR found on page 76 of the MRB. Additionally they may also attempt to regroup even if the squad has been reduced less than half strength through casualties. (The FiftW rule while nifty in its previous form gave a slight boost to remaining in combat but had the negatives of being Fearless without the perks. I at no time ever want to make the Reapers Fearless, so I went back to my original idea of using Stubborn. Since there is no Icon of Chaos Glory giving rerolls of LD tests, it should work fine now, which is why I ditched the idea originally.)

2) Icon of Perpetual War now reads: Any unit that bears this Icon may re-roll any result of one on the “to wound” dice in the assault phase. It has also been lowered to 15 points.

3) The Harbinger of Malice has had his Alchemical Injectors enhancing abilities changed to: grant the bearer and any squad he has joined with +1 Initiative, Feel no Pain and Preferred Enemy USR’s. He has also had a 5 point increase in his base cost.

4) The Apostle of Malevolence moves to the elite section. He loses a wound and a few other stat changes, plus has his base cost lowed to 75 points. (I know this is a bit controversial, but this fits in with the theme of the Soul Reapers better, because other than Xusia, Apostles do not lead warbands into battle.)

5) Soul Reapers Biker Squads now have the Skilled Rider USR at no points change.

6) The Infernal Assault Bikes make their return to a stand alone unit as well as remaining an upgrade to the Bike Squad.

7) The Mauler Predator entry has been changed to give Sponson options and has had a slight points increase. (This brings it in line with all other Pred variants in that they once had a total set up including sponsons and now are basically a turret with optional sponsons.)

8) Gore Daemons gain the option for 25 points to take the Icon of Salmora: this icon channels the power of the once great Daemon Prince Salmora. Roll a D6 for the banner at the beginning of every turn that it is on the table and consult the following chart.

1 All daemon models in reserve arrive immediately with in 6 inches of the Icon.

2 All daemon models within 6 inches gain +1 Toughness this turn.

3-4 All daemon models within 6 inches may re-roll any failed saves.

5 All daemon models within 6 inches gain +1 Initiative this turn.

6 All daemon models within the unit bearing the icon count all their attacks as Poisoned 3+.

I am still looking at a few other things, so this will not be the end of the tweaks.


  1. I think these are all really solid changes that will add a whole lot of flavor to the army. They are in-line with current costs (okay, maybe a wee bit over-priced - IMHO) of the current dexes. I really think that this adds that "we were once World Eaters" touch to your fan-dex.

  2. Thanks Mags! So what in your opinion feels overpriced? I am just curious.


  3. It's better that it's slightly undercosted than people thinking it's overpowered and refusing to play against them

  4. I agree, which is why I always price things a little high, for what they do. I can always lower things after playtesting.

  5. I meant overpriced, ooops. But yeah, overpricing in playtesting would be the way forward, I'd say.

    Gives you a chance to see what they should cost in real terms, rather than on paper. That way you can avoid pricing mess-ups like the DE War Hydra in fantasy.

    It's also good to see you haven't let the theft of the Soul Reapers hold you back. Really looking forward to seeing the 'Dex in its final form

  6. I knew what you meant!

    Actually the theft of the army while crappy has reinvigorated me to finishing this up in a proper way.

    Thanks again,