Monday, October 25, 2010

Games Workshop shares the background for the New Dark Eldar Codex

Interesting stuff, from Phil, Jess and Adam.

I cannot wait til this codex hits!


  1. Great video, I learnt a thing or two from that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I always had Jes pictured in my head as a real quiet chappie and he turns out to be a bit of a barry the lad. Completely not what I thought he would sound like.

    Its nice to see GW putting out additional content like this explaining the behind the scenes thinking. These bits in WD tend to be my favourite.

  3. Yeah -- I gotta agree with Rogue Pom -- my mental image of these guys was completely different to reality (lol!)

  4. Phil and Adam are as I imagined. But have to agree with Rogue Pom and jabberjabber. Mr Goodwin is not how I imagined him... he is still a Rock Star for nerds lolz


  5. "They were getting up to some right old naughtiness." Love it.

  6. Glad you posted this - a very good and interesting interview!

  7. No problem guys! I am even more stoked about the re-release of the Dark Eldar. I cannot wait for part two of the video!



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