Monday, December 6, 2010

GiF news and updates

Sorry I have not been around much lately I have been battling some illness and family issues. I am starting to feel better, but it may be a little while until things get completely back to normal.


I promise the Update is coming we had to scramble around and find a new way of editing the documents as our editor is down and out with real life issues for the moment. It will include the Dark Eldar Errata for the new codex.

B.Smoove and I have complied all the data and he is making new documents as I post this. The update will be upon us very soon, so please bare with us.

Soul Reapers army rebuild

I have received all but three lots of the replacement miniatures and the rebuild is underway. I am about halfway done with the first Legionary Squad and have started the first Cataphract Squad. Progress is just starting back up as I am feeling better.

I should be able to post a picture update on Wednesday.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Good to hear from you again - all the best for a speedy recovery and positive resolutions!

  2. Glad to hear that your recovery is underway. Best wishes.

  3. I hope it's nothing serious Jim - this is one of my favorite blogs and it'd be nice to see how your Soul Reapers are coming along.

    I sent you a pre-release version of Codex: Stellan Hoplites but I can't be sure the email address posted above is correct (galaxynflames@ instead of galaxyinflames@ - kinda strange)

  4. Thanks guys.

    Atrotos, the email was a mistype when I created the account. So it is galaxynflamesblog at gmail. com. I have not received the pre-release of your codex, but would love to see it.