Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The final Killzone Rules update for Adepticon 2011

We have done the final update to the main rules for use at Adepticon. In this update we have small fixes for Overwatch, Penetrator Rounds and the Hard to Kill skill.

After Adepticon is over we will be finishing up the Campaign system for Killzone.


  1. Awesome! Do we have a point limit for adepticon yet?

  2. Hey Jim!
    Nusphigor here from Bogota, Colombia.
    I'm going to start a 40k campaign in March to motivate the new players in our club so I'll be using your kill zone rules if you don't mind.

    If you want I can give you some updates on what will happen.

  3. Awesome, can't wait to hear how Killzone does during Adepticon. Wrong side of the pond for me otherwise I'd be there for certain!

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Fletch, the events are 250 points.

    Nusphigor, sure I'd love updates!

    Hephesto, I wish you could be there too matey!

  5. I'm confused. There are a lot of things listed as "optional" or "decide with opponent" in the rules. What exactly are the rules for the Adepticon event?

  6. Best to ask B.smoove on his blog since he is running the event.




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