Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soul Reapers and the New Chaos Marine Codex part 2

So here is part 2 of my series about the interaction of the new Chaos codex and the Soul Reapers. I have dropped all the the Soul Reapers entries for the Basic Chaos marine entries to slim out the codex back to a mini-dex. I am still debating dropping the Reaver squads and allowing the Reapers to take Khorne Berzerkers to represent these maniacs. 

I will not be dropping the Dreadnought entry however; I will not call my Dread a Hellbrute ever, but I will adopt the new crazed rules, which are  a total step up from every version so far. 

So lets look at some of the changes I am making the Soul Reapers special rules, additional icons and their psychic discipline. All of these changes are in the early stages and have only seen the tabletop 3 times so far.

Fear is for the Weak: The Soul Reapers have been in the service of Chaos for ten millennia and are driven by the knowledge that the Dark Gods watch over them.

Soul Reapers are subject to the Stubborn USR found on page 76 of the MRB. Additionally they always use their unmodified leadership even when they attempt to regroup if the squad has been reduced less than half strength through casualties.

Any squad in a Soul Reapers army may purchase Fear is for the Weak for one point per model; Independent Characters can take it for 5 points.

Icon of Perpetual War for 10 points: The Soul Reapers bear this icon have been slaughtering their enemies with ease and brutal precision for millennia.

A unit that bears this Icon gains the Crusader USR.

Note: All units in a Soul Reapers army that can take icons in the Codex Chaos Space Marines may choose to take the Icon of Perpetual War for the points listed above.

Soul Reapers Psychic Discipline

Primaris Power

Imbuement of Chaos: Any friendly squad that is affected is imbued with the raw power of the Warp; this allows them to easily shred the toughest armor as if it were paper.

This power is a Blessing.

Pick any friendly unit within 12 inches including the caster himself; all affected models gain the Rending USR on all close combat attacks until the casting players next turn.

Warp Charge 1

1-2: Chains of Torment: The Apostle creates small warp rifts under his foes, launching ethereal chains that rend flesh to the bone in an attempt to drag the targets into the warp.

The Chains of torment is a Witchfire power with the following profile.

Blast, Strikedown, Blind

Warp Charge 1

3-4: Warp Lightning: The Apostle shoots powerful bolts of lightning from his fingertips, arcing into the enemy leaving a wake of incinerated bodies.

Warp Lightning is a Witchfire power  with the following profile.

Assault D3+1

Warp Lightning will ‘Arc’ into the nearest enemy unit within 6 inches; this will only happen if all the hits scored against the target unit cause wounds (before any saves are rolled); if the target is a vehicle all the hits must either glance or penetrate to ‘Arc’.

Warp Charge 2

5-6: Daemonic Terror: The sorcerer sends unhinging visions of the warp into his foes mind that debilitate them in combat.

Daemonic Terror is a Malediction power with a range of 24 inches.

The target unit loses D3 from its leadership value, it may not conduct Overwatch fire and all of its close combat attacks become unwieldy until the Sorcerers next turn.

Warp Charge 1

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Soul Reapers and the New Chaos Marine Codex part 1

I like everyone else have been waiting for the release of the new codex Chaos Space Marines for the last few months, I had really high hopes. Unlike your average chaos marine player on the planet I as y’all know, took matters into my own hands and created codex Soul Reapers to fix the problems I had with the last codex.

My hopes for the new codex were of the thought I could drop almost everything in my Soul Reapers codex and make it basically a character and a couple of special units for the Soul Reapers supplemental mini-dex.

Most of these hopes were dependent on what they did with the non-cult units in the codex and from early rumors I was really excited and thought that they finally realized that the basic Chaos Marine was over-priced compared to every other marine unit in 40k.

Well the codex is out and it seems it is business as usual at GW; the basic chaos marine is going to remain a poor cousin to every other marine in 40k. Now I am not saying that the Chaos Space Marine codex is bad, because it is full of options and that is a great thing.

On the other hand I really believe that having a large amount of options is not going to save you if you do not focus on cult troops or buying an expensive icon for Fearless that can be sniped. Without Fearless troops I honestly believe that you are going to struggle uphill in the late game.

Some of this is caused by the extremely background driven Champion of Chaos rule, but this is a case where background hurts the army in game. It also sets the sun on the Power Fist Champion, cause in a challenge you want to strike at initiative if you only have one wound.

Phil did get it right with the lowered cost on Raptors and Bikes, which is a real gem that finally makes Chaos fast attack choices worthwhile. I think we will see Bikes a bit more than Raptors because they are the clear winner choice in the codex in the points reduction department.

So with all that said I have decided to go with the minimalist approach for the Soul Reapers anyway. I will however allow any units to purchase the old Fear is for the Weak rule from the older versions of the Soul Reapers project.

Next time I will look at what will be remaining in the mini-dex, the additions to the Armory and revamped psychic powers.


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