Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Dark Legion observations: Warzone Resurrection

After months of trying things out here are my observations on playing the Dark Legion in WZR.

This army functions best as a synergistic force, each unit has a strength and almost all of them work better in cooperation with the others.

Seriously you need to preplan your synergy when building your list and be very mindful of unit placement during deployment. The list gets even more brutal when playing the advanced game with the Dark Legion card deck. I affectionately call it the “Screw You” deck, cause that is what you will be doing to your opponents units! I will discuss the card deck in a future post.

Warlords and Heroes

Alakhai as a Warlord is Solid, but you cannot just run him off looking for combat, he will get shot up if not well supported. His Summon the Darkness ability is phenomenal, sure it costs 4 Res, but early in the game it is the perfect spoiler to keep your army alive while you maneuver into position.

Valpurgius is the Bee’s Knees of Warlords although he is the most expensive and most squishy in melee. His access to the Dark Symmetry powers makes him worth his weight in gold. He can really boost the Dark Legion units like no other and is a great debuffer to the opponents units. You just have to keep him protected to make him effective.

Golgotha is an excellent support hero although she can be a Warlord as well; her passive boosts make the tough Legion units very resilient!


Legionnaires are fantastic for tying up shooting units in melee. I would not bother bringing a unit of less than 8; they just are not resilient enough to survive long with only 5 models.

Necromutants are pretty solid all rounder’s and my buddy hates when I get into close combat with them. Since even when they are killed they are dangerous! Don’t forget to try out the Grenade of Flies against units without flamers. Hit an enemy unit with the grenades then assault that unit with large squads of Legionnaires.


Razides are very good with there Passive: Unstoppable rule meaning they ignore all cover modifiers. That rule is why I will always run at least a pair of them.

Praetorian Stalkers are fantastic shooters with their Scythes of Semai, plus the augmentation of the flamer is money in the bank.

Praetorian Behemoths are a giant rocket magnet, which is good and what he is there for. His Unstoppable Charge is brutal on your unsuspecting enemies; this ability will force your opponent to spread out if he is paying attention; if not he will next time! The Keg grenade is a fantastic synergy weapon. He hits the enemies then you mop them up with you lesser squads since the enemy armor value will be halved.

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