Friday, January 9, 2015

Warzone Resurrection at the Las Vegas Open 2015

Prodos Games and Warzone Resurrection are heading to the Las Vegas Open in February. The Las Vegas Open (LVO) will be held at the Flamingo hotel on Feb 20 through the 23rd.

There will be a Warzone Resurrection 3 round tournament starting with the 1st round on Friday evening; the remaining two rounds will be on Saturday. This will be the first Prodos Games run tournament in the US. So far we are half booked for the event with a solid 8 players with room for another 8.

There are 3 custom LVO missions, which have been turned into oversized cards (including special objective placement rules) for the event that every participant will receive a set of to take home with them. 

Undead Legionnaire added to show the size of the cards

The players have even created a commemorative logo and shirt for the event!

Here is the mock up for the shirt!

They also sent me two of these cool dice pouches to give away at the event, these dedicated Warzone Resurrection players want to show the community how they support their game and do it in style!

Prodos Games will be presenting 3 Razide Diorama trophies for the first, second and third place participants. Who will win the Coveted Golden Razide!?! Only the dice gods know! 

You can purchase your event pass here: WZR Tourney you must also purchase an LVO con badge as well.

There will also be Warzone Resurrection demos run Friday before the tournament and all day on Sunday.

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