Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fenris Hjolda!

Fenris endures and so does the blog, even though I have been quiet here in the last couple of years, my hobby mojo has become stronger than ever. 

After Deepstrike Radio ended I needed a break from 40k, I played other sci-fi games like Warzone and went to work for a brief period in the game industry. Well my game industry job has ended and I have more time for hobby posting again.

I have a No more 40k vow until GW give us a good Chaos Marine codex that makes basic Chaos Marines worthwhile to put on the table for their points. That vow so far will remain intact, however the Horus Heresy is 30k not 40k and the Rout are coming to the tabletop from Forgeworld by years end.

So I will be getting ready to rain down Sanction on the Thousand Sons and bring war to the crystal city!

I have taken the starts of my Long Fang conversions for 40k and made them 30K compliant they all now have missile launchers.

This is where the conversions originated from, they started off as the 2nd ed Long Fangs or Devastator Marines. I did this because I love the reinforced leg armor. 

Now here they are in their converted glory, 2 of them we completed before starting this project and have the 40k missile launchers which I decided to keep for variety sake. I still have a bit of green stuff work on the squad leader, but the rest are ready for priming.

Until next time Praise Russ and pass the ammunition!


  1. Glad to see you back! Even happier to see you work on my favourite Chapter/Legion and Space Marine in general.

    I feel great thing coming!


    1. Thanks buddy, I was hoping you were still around!

      This is going to be a glorious army project!!