Saturday, July 22, 2017

Making bases for the Reapers

When the Soul Reapers were replaced Mr Justin at Secret Weapon Miniatures donated bases for the rebuild. To which I am very grateful for, however since that time GW has moved Marines from 25mm bases to 32mm bases; I would just purchases 32mm bases from him as replacements however I am totally strapped for funds right now, so have decided to make my own replacements.

I am using Sculpey clay to sculpt the base tops; Sculpey is a work into shape clay that you bake to harden once ready. Here are the initial test bases raw and cut to size.

Here are the same bases painted with some WiP Reapers on them.

Here are a couple compared to a 40mm SWM resin base

They are a little rough, the next batch will be a bit thinner with crisper lines, but they will work very well in the long run.

Until next time!


  1. Nice Jim! SWM makes some awesome bases, but it is really cool you made your own. It looks really cool on your minis.

    1. Indeed the SWM bases are ace and I will be using them on my Terms and Oblits. Thanks for the comment on liking the bases, the second set I am working on are so much better looking.