Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wolf Theory Mk II: Revelations

So I had a post on this topic back in May 2009 I have decided to revisit it now. As I gear up to start working on the reboot of my Wolves, now that I am in the final stages of the Soul Reapers rebuild getting ready to unveil the first 2k on the blog.

I talked about how I plan to build an entire Great Company of Space Wolves this time around, but there are a couple of common issues.

How many Space Wolves are there in the Chapter? What makes up a Great Company?

Here is an important estimate from that post:
I estimated that a full strength Great Company was around 200 Space Wolves; with the Chapter probably maxing out around 2500 Space Wolves if it included all the priests and their initiates.

Now that we have a number of Astartes to work from in print via the Black Library novel Battle of the Fang, I fully believe those numbers to be extremely close to accurate. At the end of the novel there is one Great Company Depleted to 23 Astartes (the 12th GC who had been decimated defending the Fang), the other 11 Great Companies are present just returned from campaigning but still numbering a staggering 2000 Astartes of the Vlka Fenryka.

The new information really jells with the information from my previous post and I will be running with it. 

So here is what I plan to shoot for:
1 Wolf Lord
2 Rune Priests
2 Wolf Priests
2 Iron Priests
20 Wolf Guard
12 Grey Hunter packs (total of up to 110 Astartes
2 Blood Claw packs (total of up to 30 Astartes)
4 Long Fang packs (total of up to 20 Astartes)
2 Wolf Scout pack (total of up to 20 Astartes)

I will vary the number of models in the Grey Hunter packs to show combat losses.  The Claws will be broken into the 3 types with 12 of them being foot born Blood Claws. The scouts will be built as 10 strong packs as well as with the options to be split into 4 packs of 5.

So that is my theory and plan.


  1. Damn!
    Thats a lot of Wolves haha
    Definitely excited to see some Wolves progress from you.
    BUT even more excited to see the new Soul Reapers!!!
    Cannot wait.

  2. That sounds pretty awesome. What sort of vehicle support will they have? Or are they walking?

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    SoD, I plan to run hybrid Mech/Foot lists most of the time, it fits my style and vision for how the Rout fight.

    For vehicles with I plan on having a trio of every type of heavy support tank option as a starting point. Including both types of Deimos Pattern Predators. I plan to have at least half of my Rhinos be of the Deimos pattern as well.

  4. So with the Deimos Pattern units, you're going to make them shortly after the events of the Horus Heresy, like in the book?

  5. Yeah, probably set sometime after the battle of the Fang.

    I figure the older armor Mk's, wargear and tanks make total sense with how superstitious the Rout are. I would imagine they would keep as much of their ancient gear operable as long as possible.

    I do not plan to have many suits of Mk VII battle plate in the Great Company at all. Sticking mostly with Mk IV and VI for the majority with a smattering of the rest sprinkled through out.

  6. Wow. That sounds really cool. I can't wait to see your WIP stuff as it comes along. Remember though, if it gets to be a pain to track down all the pieces, they do have their own forge. One might surmise from that, that they can replicate the newer stuff :)



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