Sunday, June 3, 2012

The final BFG battles begin tomorrow morning!

The Betrayer
My father has been in town all month, he leaves Tuesday morning; we have been running a BFG campaign to determine the fate of the Denari system. I must say after personally playing about 14 games of BFG in the last 4 weeks I don't understand why any fan of 40k is not playing this game. It is an absolute blast to play and really easy to learn.

So far the forces of the Imperium have been brutalized at the hands of Chaos and Eldar pirates, but the Eldar do not discriminate and have manhandled the forces of Chaos as well. Damned pointy eared bastards!

That said the title most deadly ship goes to the Repulsive class Grand Cruiser the Betrayer. Holy crap this ship has single handedly killed or crippled a total of 13 cruisers with one salvo from its weapons batteries and lances. To top it off the ship has not been crippled once in the entire campaign.

I will be posting pics from the final two or three games sometime tomorrow.


  1. Send me some ships and I'd be happy to learn it! :D I've always heard about how great it is, but model support/pricing has always seemed prohibitive from the outside (especially as a collge student).

  2. LOL, you can get a decent fleet for either Imperials or Chaos for under or around a hundred USD. The rules are free for download on the GW site. BFG is one of the more inexpensive specialist games.

    I'll work up and post some starter lists including cost to build them in the near future.

  3. That'd be great :) A very good friend bought me into Dystopian Wars where the fleets start at $55. I'm enjoying the naval combat and I bet 40k naval combat would be a blast, too :)

  4. Do a chaos fleet, or a 'nid fleet if you're worried about cost. 'nids because if you have any 40k tyranid players you can built a fleet out of bits (and look better than the models) the chaos because you don't "need" escorts, which is where the price comes in. Imperial cruisers are cheap, but you need escorts which are more expensive. Comparativly speaking. Also be aware that some fleets (tau and space marines mainly) are actually CHEAPER to purchase via forgeworld.