Saturday, June 9, 2012

CelestiCon 40k Narrative Event proposal sent!

I have submitted and am hashing out the final details for another narrative event this time at CelestiCon in Fremont CA. This will be another "Big Game" of 40k similar to the event ran at the BAO; with some slight revisions. This Event will happen on Sunday September 2nd, during the Celebrating 25 years of 40k event I created on Facebook, a week to play some great 40k games and share our memories of the good times we have had. Maybe even try busting out an old edition and play a nostalgic game, basically anything goes as long as we share!.

The background for this event is directly linked to the BFG campaign I just finished up. The forces of Chaos have wrested control of the Denari system on the Eastern Fringe. Denari is a valuable Imperial resource planet in the sector and must be retaken at all costs. Control of the Promethium and Adamantium mining facilities are key goals to the campaign.

The lack of an Imperial Fleet presence has brought many forces to bear on the world in an attempt to capture its resources for their race. There have even been void skirmishes with scouting elements for a Tyranid hive fleet in the outer reaches of the sector.

More soon!


  1. Nice! I think I'll join you for that, Big Jim!

  2. Very kool, I look forward to it! I will keep y'all up to date with info as I get and create it.



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