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Celesticon 2012 40k Narrative event info so far

The battle for Denari: Narrative gaming event

The forces of Chaos has wrested control of the Denari system on the Eastern Fringe. Denari is a valuable Imperial resource planet and must be retaken at all costs. Control of the Promethium and Adamantium mining facilities are key goals to the campaign.

The lack of an Imperial Fleet presence has brought many forces to bear on the world in an attempt to capture its resources for their race. There have even been void skirmishes with scouting elements for a Tyranid hive fleet in the outer reaches of the sector.

Come join us for a fun filled big game of 40k!

Allowed armies:
Armies can be built from all current 40k codices including the White Dwarf codex for the Sisters of Battle, and may also include or be built to include units or completely using the army lists in the Imperial Armor books. Units and list may only be drawn from Imperial Armor book 3-11 and the IA Apoc books.

With that said all IA units and lists must use the most current listing for the unit, which includes the Errata listed on the Forgeworld site.

Armies are built using the following requirements:
2000 points using the normal force organization process and may include one superheavy vehicle from the Apocalypse rulebook or an IA book it may have no more than 3 structure points. Each army may also include one Spearhead formation as listed in the spearhead rules on the games workshop site.

Narrative gaming cards:
At the beginning of the game each player will draw a strategy card from the decks that I will provide.

At the beginning of the game each player will draw a Fate card from from decks that will be provided. The Fate cards will add to the narrative of the game allowing each commander some special bonus during the game.

At the beginning of the game each player will draw a Mission card from decks that will be provided. These will provide each player with a secret agenda that will benefit their team upon completion.

Every army must be painted to a three color minimum and be based. (basing can be as simple as painting your models bases an appropriate color.) This is not debatable, we want a great looking event filled with painted models fighting over nice looking terrain.


Objectives will be scored at the bottom of every game turn. Objectives held by a troops choice are worth 2 points, any other unit may score objectives with a worth a value of 1 point gained.

Event House Rules:

Bogged Down:
This rule replaces the current rule for when a vehicle moves in difficult or dangerous terrain.

When a vehicle enters difficult or dangerous terrain some times they become temporarily immobilized; stuck in the terrain they are attempting to cross. These vehicles are referred to as Bogged Down.

Follow the normal procedure for vehicles moving in difficult or dangerous terrain; if they get bogged down place a marker next to the vehicle.

A bogged down vehicle may remobilize at the start of any of its turns by rolling a 4+ on a D6. They may function as normal from that point on, including making a test for difficult terrain if they want to move.

Dangerous Terrain Test:
Dangerous terrain tests will usually remove a model as a casualty if they roll a 1 on the D6 test. This test is changed to the following.

If the model fails the dangerous terrain test it is only removed if the model fails its saving throw (Armor or Invulnerable). Feel No Pain may not be used to save a model from failed saves in this case.”


  1. I think Imperial forces should be forbidden the use of Drop Pods and Teleportation if they don't have a fleet around to get them in. :)



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