Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chaos victory in the Black Sea! (BFG campaign finally)

The Denari system falls as the Imperial Navy and Eldar pirates in the sector are sent running. It was not an easy fight and the Chaos armada of the Soul Reapers has sent many ships back to the orbital docks above Ehdan for repairs and refitting.

Warlord Krüg has transferred his command from the Battleship Eater of Souls to his Battlebarge the Death Incarnate as the warbands Battlebarges, Legion Strike cruisers and light Strike cruisers arrive to bringing their full Astartes might to bear to begin culling of the systems resources.

Here are some pics from the final battle for the system as the Chaos Fleet overruns the Imperial Navy rally point.

The Fleets
This pic is missing a squadron of 3 Infidel class Raiders.

The Set Up
Opening moves

The battle begins
The Mars fires its Nova cannon at the Eater of Souls clipping its base doing one point of Damage. The Eater of Souls returns the favor and puts its lances to work causing 3 hits to the Mars.

More jockying for position as the Mars takes another shot at the Eater of Souls and completely misses with the Nova cannon, but the saving grace is two hits from its torpedo salvo.The Imperials get reinforcements this turn in the form of a squadron of light cruisers and a squadron of destroyers

The Chaos Iconoclast destroyers open up on the Cobras

Chaos Reinforcements arrive as the Betrayer and squadron of Infidels make life difficult for the Imperial light cruisers. The Betrayer cripples one vessel in one volley of its gun decks.

The Eater of Souls cripples the Mars with it's lances!

The Imperial light cruisers brutalize the Infidels.

The cobras destroy an Iconoclast.

The "Hateful Song" Slaughter class cruiser is crippled by the Imperial Battleship. As the Imperials get more reinforcements: in the form of a Lunar cruiser, more cobras and Overlord Battle cruiser

The Chaos fleet cripples the Lunar class cruiser on lock on orders.

The Betrayer cripples the Overlord then the Eater of Souls finishes it off!

3 turns of maneuvering later the final shots take place. With only the Eater of Souls able to lock on through the debris field.

The final results Chaos victory!


  1. Great battle report! Oh, how I wish my local group was interested in BFG. On the up side I do get to exorcise my fleet action needs through our game or Rogue Trader, but it's just not the same...

    Good stuff!

  2. Great report! Glory for Chaos!

  3. Nice report. Good result for the bad guys!

  4. Thanks for the comments guys, this was a fantastic end to a very tough campaign!

    I will be doing more BFG coverage in the near future, as I am building a Soul Reapers Chaos Marine fleet at this very moment. In fact I just finished some Thunderhawk gunship markers for the fleet!

  5. It is good to see Battlefleet Gothic still going strong somewhere. All the local interest here died off years ago. I look forward to more Gothic action.


  6. Heck yes. Awesome game. Please do more!

  7. Thanks for the comments Col and Dan; I really love BFG and don't know why we ever stopped playing in the first place. We have no intention of stopping anytime in the near future.

    So you can expect more after action reports, painting, modeling and it would not be Galaxy in Flames without some house rules coming down the pipe as well.