Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6th Ed Killzone Beta Released

It's final here, the S.O. Killzone 6th edition beta is available for download! This is not the finished update, it has no pics and most of the flavor text has not be added in; this is to get you guys back on the table. Let me know of any hiccups you find during play.

I have also uploaded the printer friendly versions of the Mission and Fate cards. You can print them out and paste them to regular playing cards.


  1. Awesome! Been anticipating this for a long time! Will bring eventual questions and feedback if i got any that might be useful.

  2. Thanks so much Big J! I can't wait to get some games in with this.

  3. Awesome will have to try out. Can you post a blurb about major changes?

  4. I am glad y'all are excited. Changes are listed in the post today.

  5. I think the right word is glorious, and this certainly is. It should keep the game going strong, and maybe stronger with all the fresher energy about at the moment. What are the plans now? Are you still working towards the variants you mentioned?

  6. Glorious is a great word for it! The plans now are to get this beta test out of the way then give the full update by mid November. Get the Codex Operatives updated about the same time with the new Chaos Marines.

    After this is done we enter the holiday season, I might be able to squeeze in Killzone: Forlorn Hope, the Player/s verses Environment Supplement. If not expect that in the new year.

    Sometime in 2013 I'll get out Killzone: Evolution.



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