Friday, October 2, 2009

Soul Reapers Special rules Mk II

This is a revised list of Soul Reapers special rules. The original version of Fear is for the Weak just wasn't sitting right with me. So I revised it and added the poor mans Fearless with the addition of the Stubborn USR. These three rules really feel like the right fit for the Soul Reapers.

The following special rules apply to all Soul Reaper units chosen from the following entries in the Codex Chaos Space Marines.

Chaos Sorcerers
Chaos Chosen Space Marines
Chaos Terminators
Chaos Space Marine
Chaos Raptors
Chaos Bikes
Chaos Havocs

Fear is for the weak: Soul Reapers automatically pass all tests to regroup, they can make such tests even if the squad has been reduced less than half strength through casualties. Usually squads that regroup cannot move and count as moving, but these restrictions do not apply to units with this rule.

Stubborn: Soul Reapers have been serving the Dark Gods of Chaos for ten millennia and know that they frown upon weakness. Because of this the Soul Reapers have the stubborn special rule found on page 76 of the MRB.

Predictable: The Soul Reapers have been fighting their loyalist brothers for ten thousand years and have become accustomed to their combat doctrines. Because of this all Soul Reapers are subject to the Predictable rule, when fighting any Space Marines loyal to the Emperor. In the assault phase the Soul Reapers may re-roll any to hit dice that have a one as a result.

I have changed out the preferred enemy USR for the Predictable special rule to tone down the effects on in game balance.


  1. OK, So what is the downside? Cause if you play this way without extra pts cost or downside it's just plain OP..


  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    Is it really overpowered compared to what the basic Codex marine has got ATSKNF, Combat squads, Combat tactics or a Space Wolf who has ATSKNF, counter attack and acute senses.

    Codex marines cost 16 points each, but have a free or discounted special and heavy weapons factored in there.

    Space Wolves are 15 points each and can get up to two free or discounted special weapons.

    Where are the downsides of either one of those basic troops choices?

    The Chaos Marines will still be paying full price for their special and heavy weapons choices.

    In the end you could be completely right and they are overpowered and then I will address the issue, but I have got to start somewhere. So I can start play testing the heck out of them.

    In the spirit of starting off with more a balance feel. I have exchanged the ‘Preferred Enemy’ rule for the ‘Predictable’ rule listed in its place.