Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reporting from the road

After a visit to the magical land of Tornadoes, tonight I retire to the Log Bunker hidden in the wilds of Northern Cali.

Just imagine this, four guys, four armies, a dozen cases of beer, and a case of whiskey in the woods for four days; this is sure to be a kick ass time!

We are finally moving into the stage of Playtesting the Soul Reapers that I actually get to field my own army, Woohoo! Warlord Krüg and his Reaver bodyguard will be finally hitting the tabletop too!

I should resume regular posting on Saturday night or Sunday. So expect some tall tales from the Log Bunker!

-Big Jim

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jim, that picture looks a lot like a scene from Deliverance.

    LOL! Haha! Have fun on the vacation my friend.



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