Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Soul Reapers Teaser pic and Seeker Bike squad profile

I’ve got a few tidbits to share with you. First off, Menzies has graciously offered to make a cover for the Soul Reapers Mini-dex, look at this great Teaser pic.

Next I have started working out a unit profile for the special bike squad. I’d like to thank Mad Cat over at Librarium Online for the suggestions for the Assault bike special rules. When looking at the points values for this squad, I'd as you to keep in mind that we have lowered the base cost of a standard Chaos Biker to 28 pts.

Added to the Fast Attack force org.

Seeker bike squads are used as an advanced element for any Soul Reapers army. They scout ahead of the main force disrupting enemy movements and probing their lines for weak spots with lightning fast raids.

The squad if often augmented by the addition of an Infernal Seeker bike. It’s a hellish nightmare of a bike covered in power blades combined with a sidecar containing a marine wielding power scythe.

Seeker Bike Squad (Points 117)
Seeker WS5 BS4 S4 T4(5) W1 I4 A1 LD9 Sv3+
Seeker Champion WS5 BS4 S4 T4(5) W1 I4 A2 LD10 Sv3+

Unit type

Squad composition:
1 Seeker Champ
2 Seeker Bikes

Bike with a TL bolter
Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon

Special Rules
Fear is for the weak.

Options (The points values for wargear upgrades can be found on Pg 99 in the Bikers entry in the codex CSM)
May include up to 4 more Seeker bikes at 33 points per model

The Seeker Champion may replace his close combat weapon with one of the following:
Power weapon
Power Fist

Up to 2 Seekers may take one of the following:
Plasma gun
Melta gun

One Seeker may be upgraded to carry an Icon of Chaos undivided.

Add one Infernal Seeker Assault bike to the squad for 70 pts.

Infernal Seeker Assault Bike
WS5 BS4 S4 T4(5) W2 I4 A3 LD9 Sv3+.

Unit type

Bike with a TL Flamer
Bolt pistol, power weapon

Special Rules
Fear is for the weak
Furious charge (Note this does not transfer to other models in the unit)
Spiky death: When charging it add +1D6 attacks instead of the usual +1. These additional attacks are not from the powerweapon but due to the spikes on the bike.

I am currently working on a mock up for the Infernal Seeker bike and will get pics up as soon as I have my camera back from the shop.


  1. Liking the teaser pic. Sadly can't help much on the rules front as I don't play chaos(let). Though I enjoy the sound of the spiky death =)

  2. Really liking that teaser pic. While I like the idea in concept, I think that maybe to compensate for the flamer and the WS 5, you should drop the BS to 3 - they are to busy getting ready to lay the smack down to would also help to offset the fact that they can also outflank.

  3. Thanks for the feedback!

    I'm not sure about lowering a marines BS to 3, with the only president being scouts and blood claws being new recruits and BS3.

    I could raise the points more if they seem too out of whack. Or hell I could just bring their WS back down to 4 as WS5 wasn't my idea un the first place.