Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soul Reapers new unit ideas

I sat down with the guys last night after a few games, we had a great chat and have decided to try dropping the Cult troops completely and attempt to add a couple of new units to the Soul Reapers list.

If we are going through all the effort of making our own mini-dex, why not create something truly unique.

From our quick brainstorming we came up with two probable candidates.

The first is not my idea but I like it, Siege Breaker assault marines. Initial thoughts for a starting point are non-fearless Khorne Berzerkers that must be mounted in a Rhino with a Siege Shield and extra armor.

The second is a special Bike squad with an option to upgrade one to an Infernal Harvester bike. It’s a hellish nightmare of a bike with its bolters replaced with linked flamers, covered in power blades combined with a sidecar containing a standing marine wielding power scythe.

I’ve always thought it would be nifty to have a marine riding on a sidecar ala Road Warrior, cleaving through their foes while hanging on the side at break neck speeds!

Any thoughts or comments?



  1. I like both ideas but the bike idea is my favorite, I just love that idea!

  2. Thanks, dude.

    I'm working on a mock up of the bike right now!