Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog shout out!

(an old pic of Painting Munky's Brother Captain Stern circa 2006)

A couple of very close friends of mine have started a blog, they are both very accomplished painters. They are also gamers to the extreme, be it miniatures wargames, boardgames, RPG's or video/computer games they have a passion for it.

The Koolest part is that they are Gamer Girls! That's right I know that Unicorns are real! (hey Brent!)

They have just started out so there is not much on the blog, but I know that will change. So do me a favor and jump over to Babes in Gameland and give the Gals a warm welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging.




  1. Thanks Jim! :D

    Man, I really should have taken more time on Brother Captain Stern's blade...

  2. No Problem at all, I just hope I can help you gals get some traffic!

    Hey it is an older paintjob, I know if you did him gain today he would be even better!


  3. Hey, any friend of Jim's...has issues. I mean, has to be great.

  4. Lol, thanks Sons my friend! You are the greatest!


  5. Heading there to become a follower now!



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