Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rules from the Man-cave: Proper Wolf Priests

One of my biggest gripes about the Codex Space Wolves is the Wolf Priest entry. They have lost the Apothecary wargear and abilities. This peeves me to no end.

After all Wolf Priests take the roles of the Chaplain and Apothecary within the Space Wolf chapter, being responsible for both the spiritual and physical well-being of their fellow Wolves.

So here in the Man-cave, my depraved mind has come up with the following addition to the Wolf Priest entry.

Wolf Priest 125 points

Same stats and options as the Space Wolf codex with the addition of a Narthecium to his standard Wargear.

The Narthecium allows the Wolf priest and any model in any squad that he has joint to benefit from the Feel No Pain USR from the main 40k rules book.

Notes: to figure the cost of the Narthecium I examined the Codex Space Marine Command Squad entry. It was determined that the Narthecium cost 15 points, but I was placing it on an Independent Character so I bumped the cost up by 10 points.

It was a fairly easy fix to what I saw as a glaring problem in the Codex.


  1. The standard Apothacary needs fixing too for sure. Shouldn't be hiding in the command squad:( This together with the price of Devastators and the 35p counting towards a razorback really should be things that goes back into the Space Marine codex.

  2. I concur, the Apothecary should be a two wound, multi-choice unit in elite selection similar to the way Sang Priests are purchased. He should probably cost about 40 points.

    I also agree the Devs in the C:SM need fixing as they are over-priced.

  3. So a model that adds not only Preferred Enemy against one type also adds Feel No Pain for a measly 125 points?
    That's not fixing, that's broken beyond belief.

  4. hey Jim, have you seen this:
    its an new addendum to the Badab War IA's. apparently FW ran out of room/forgot or something. but its pretty close to what you were looking at.

  5. Why do I keep missing the small bits like that?? Good catch there Jim.

    PS> Bits will be posted in the morning.

    Also why is there no Terminator Bionics in any upgrade pack??

    In Midnight Clad.

  6. Being able to add FNP to any squad is worth WAY more than 10pts; remember, this is something that can run with a Wolfstar or whatnot.

    I agree it's weird that Wolf Priests don't have any apothecary-type stuff, though, and honestly they need a real boost to be worthwhile. This might even make them playable, but I would be careful about handing out one of the most powerful USRs available.

  7. i would suggest 150 pts so less people call it broken (50 points for feel no pain)
    since blood angels can spam it and SW only got on model with it the lone wolf

  8. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

    My suggestion is far from broken; I have used and played against it in a dozen or so games. It makes the Wolf Priest worth taking.

    Is the BA Sang Priest broken? He is 50 points plus gives a bubble of FNP and furious charge, which can in turn affect a Deathstar unit.

    I gave the actual wargear points breakdown 15 for an Apothecary and even showed the upping in the value by 10 to a total of 25 for the WP. 50 points as Berek suggested is just way too much considering the cost of a BA Sang Priest.

    I am at a loss for any ways to make him feel less Broken on the surface. I would suggest taking a WP for a spin with these rules before determining that they are broken.


  9. I think it is safe to say that Sanguinary Priests are a tad bit broken... Even if they only gave Feel No Pain, I would say that they would be too strong.

    The only reason why I think this Wolf Priest might be too strong is because... Well, Space Wolves can take up to four HQs. Sure, Blood Angels can take up to nine Priests, but I still think they are too strong. I guess there has to be an internal army balance around this unit. I'm not sure if it would be too strong, but I was playing with Sanguinary Priests in a Grey Knight list just for the heck of it, and man did it make me feel like a god.

    Maybe bring them up to 150 points, and increase their BS/WS and Attacks by one. Maybe put an extra wound on and I think that it may be more expensive than you hoped, but it made the Wolf Priest worth taking for something other than a walking buff.