Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My plans for the blog this year

Here are some of the things that I want to complete in 2011.

First off, I want to complete the Soul Reapers rebuild. I need to buy some stuff to finish the rebuild as some of the donations seem to have fallen through. I don't have any ill feelings about it, crap happens, I do understand.

Second, I'll be adding more killzone coverage on the blog. I had planned on doing this from the get go, but life got completely in the way.

Thirdly, I'll be revisiting and updating the Vehicle Design rules from 3rd edition, then sharing the results with you my humble readers.

Fourthly, I plan to create and run a themed narrative hobby event sometime late in the year.

Fifthly I would like to get going on my Space Wolves reboot at some point! I had been waiting for the hype to die down, but that seems like it was complete folly now.

I have two more things that will be coming in the near future, but will leave them unnamed until I am closer to the final product.

Upward and onward!


  1. If you'd read Prospero Burns you'd see why the hype for the Wolves is definitely up! :)

  2. It's on my desk right now! As soon as I finish the Hunt for Voldarius I will be on it!


  3. Seriously Jim, Prospero Burns is an awesome book and it will make any lover of history and myth into a total fanboy!

    I am glad to see you posting and look forward to the next Year as a Disciple of Fire! I have been slowly cranking out the Killzone lists and models. I am going to start demo'ing the game at the FLGS soon as well. I plan to introduce it as intermediate campaign missions and then go full bore when people start to dig it.

  4. My book review of Prospero Burns goes live today at 5pm (UK time)

  5. Just finished my first Killzone game. SW vs Orcs. I lost, but I haven't had so much fun in a long time. I hope the Killzone coverage you're planning includes a 'developement system' for characters like in Mordheim and Necromunda. It would be excellent for campaigns.

    W.r.t. to Prospero Burns, I think its Ok as a Space Wolf novel even though the main character is not a SW, but not so good as a Horus Heresy novel. Too many missed opportunities.

  6. Nice plans, and good to lay them all out for yourself and readers...though I find that leads (me) to failure and disappointment when I do it!


    VDR revamp looks interesting, in particular.

    I dunno if you've been reading, but I have been churning out some Homebrew chaos material recently, and I'd love your feedback on it. :)

    Happy New Year Jim

  7. Hey
    What are you still needing for the Reapers? I have a lot of old bits I might send your way, definetly would like to help

  8. Thanks for the comments guys!

    OST, I look forward to your Killzone lists! Also I have not forgotten about those dreadclaw plans, but I noticed that it would be better to show you how they work then try to explain it. I should have the WIP's up soon.

    NR, we are actively working on the campaign advancement system right now. I am glad that you enjoyed your first KZ game!

    TKE, yeah I know the feeling, best laid plans and all! I didn't notice your Chaos revamp, but will check it out ASAP!

    Archon, basically 10 Terminators and 15 Chaos Marines is what I am short on. Send me an email galaxynflamesblog at gmail dot com if you want to discus it further.