Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rules from the Man-cave: Big Game 40K

Been a while since I shared some of the wackiness that we do here in the GiF Man-cave. I thought I’d share this with you guys.

The guys in my group love to play outrageously large games of 40k with points values reaching Apocalypse stature, but we still want to feel and flavor of 40k. We have played plenty of D-Weapon Titan madness, which is fun for the occasional slugfest, but not really what we are looking for in most games.

We like to still have the infantry be important, while at the same time adding the koolness of limited Super Heavies. So we came up with a series of house rules to cover our big game outings.

Rule 1: All armies must contain at least 3 troop choices (preferably full strength) and include a further 3 non-vehicle units from any force org selection of their chosen Codex. For every full 1000 points over 3000 they must choose an additional non-vehicle unit.

Rule 2: All armies must have an HQ selection as their “Battle Group Leader.” These HQ units gain D3 +1 fate points. The fate points are used to keep the BGL on the tabletop as long as possible, they may be used anytime that the BGL is killed. Roll a D6, on the score of a 4+ fate has intervened and the BGL remains on the table with 1 wound left.

Rule 3: All non- super heavy vehicles may move up to 6 inches and fire all their weapons; if they move over 6 they may fire one. Fast vehicles may move up to 12 inches and fire all their weapons; if they move over 12 they may fire one. If using the Spearhead supplement rules any vehicle may shoot at two targets if part of a SH formation.

Rule 4: Each Team may have one Destroyer weapon for every 2500 points in their force.

Rule 5: Each Team may have 4 structure points for every 2000 points in their force.

Rule 6: Everything can score an objective in big games, with the exception of empty transport vehicles. Super Heavies count as one scoring unit per structure point. So a Baneblade with 2 structure points, counts as 2 scoring units. To claim an objective you must have more scoring units on it than your opponent has.


  1. Off topic a little bit, but is there going to be a update for Killzone to reflect the new Grey Knights Codex?

  2. Yes the Killzone FAQ update should be up in a few weeks.

  3. I like these ideas. Of the four Apoc games I've played, I would say three left me rather cold. I think a set of guidelines like these would have helped immensely. Next time. Next time.

    p.s. I envy your group.

  4. It does seem a little counter intuitive though to have a regulated game of Apoc, when the point is to be non-regulated...

    Personally, I have never been a fan of Apocalypse. I simply don't have any super heavies or crazy options that make the game fun. I'll stick to my basic rules set, thanks.

  5. A good middle ground between the two, I like the 'forcing' of infantry in the game (though all vehicle games can be fun too).

  6. I really like these ideas: the points regulations has the potential to balance up all the crazy D weapons (etc) very nicely. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    Brian, no doubt I am lucky to have to guys to game with that I do!

    Rarkthor, I understand that out little house rules are not for everyone, but some of us like a little structure to our games.

    Gotthammer, yes it has turned out to be a good middle ground, in fact it got a few of the guys to consider Apoc. I concur all armor games can be a blast too, Spearhead + Apoc = hours of fun!

    Jabber, Yeah those D weapons can be unbalanced and this reigns them in some.