Friday, May 20, 2011

In Space only Chaos can hear you scream!

Battlefleet Gothic is inbound to Galaxy in Flames early June!

My buddy is coming home on leave from the military and has a hankering to play some BFG. Oddly enough the last time I played BFG is right before he was heading out to Germany 3 years ago.

The really kool thing about BFG is that it is one of the more reasonable GW Specialist games. Most of the boxes have not had large price increases since the initial release, shocking! The blister packs have gone up 6 or 7 bucks in 12 years, but that is still not horrible considering that this is GW.

The above pic is of some of my Chaos fleet taken last year when I was thinking about diving back into gothic. The strange thing is that BFG was what I was going to revive just prior to developing Killzone. I sure did end up making the right choice in the end!

The ships were painted in 2000 shortly after the release of the game. I chose the scheme because I wanted a generic color scheme and I always had a thing for the Gamilon Empire ships in Starblazers.

I’d love to share some more pics but my camera has died and gone to digital heaven. I’ll be picking up a replacement ASAP.


  1. its great to see some one else besides me still playing BFG. it really is the best specialty game they made. unique and fun and relatively cheap. in fact you can get some cool forge world models for the game and they are about the same or less than the gw models. if you or your friend ends up in the NYC or long island area and is looking for a game of BFG me and my friend (who has a youtube blog which has become mostly bfg due to viewer requests) are totally down.
    fly safe =)

  2. Damnation, I always wanted to play BFG and only recently people actually started to play it here, so maybe..