Thursday, June 2, 2011

Warpath Sci-fi coming from Mantic in the fall

Hot off the Beasts of War Turn 8 live show.

Mantic's sci-fi game called "Warpath" will be released in October!

A Beta test version of the rules will be released this summer for public testing. I believe that is was said that 3 Armies will come with the public beta

Beasts of War will have a Warpath week coming soon.

Scale confirmed at 28mm

Warpath will be a big battle game, in line with Mantic's mission. But it will be able to scale, you will be able to play with 2-3 units, or massive armies.

There will be at least 8 races, and "you don't talk about race eight", there will possibly be 12 races!

Ronnie from Mantic even whispered space dwarves and space orcs! So those could be two of the races!

I cannot express how stoked I am about this news! Sorry for the lack of posts I am outta town due to family commitments, I'll be home Monday and things should be getting back to normal.


  1. Great, thanks for the heads up mate!

  2. "Ronnie from Mantic even whispered space dwarves and space orcs! So those could be two of the races!"

    Sigh... can't anyone do an honest-to-goodness science fiction game that doesn't include derivative fantasy races with scifi trappings?

  3. I'll take the fantasy derivative any day, personally, considering these could become great figures to use with 40K.

  4. School master so what do you want?

    Humans and aliens? What kind of aliens? Unless you are basing it off something fantasy, pretty much all you've got are anthro-animal people(Wing Commander), different humans(Star Trek) and bugs of various types(Nids, Starship Troopers, Starcraft).

  5. I would say they have probably looked at the number of people saying, 'I would so buy space dwarves' on 40k pages around the net, and are going to provide for that need.

    Also, they will copy the 40k stereotypes, as I should imagine a good chunk of their sales are from people who have been priced out of the GW core range but still want to play the games.