Sunday, June 26, 2011

Angels of Vengeance Decals

Success! It only took 10 tries, I had forgotten that you float the printable decals. There was also some odd red bleed into some of the "white" portions of the decals. I am going to need to clean this up.

I have one more issue to overcome with the decals, the morons sent me clear decal sheet instead of white sheet. So I am having to paint the decal area white before placement, Grrr.....

It'll take me the better part of today and tomorrow to get them all done, but the pic shows the effort will pay off. My Buddy Kev has offered to help get the rest of the decals done and cleaned up tomorrow, score!

The end result it pretty damned kool looking. I still need to clean up the shoulder pad around the icon, but this gives y'all a general idea of how nice it looks!


  1. End result looks great so worth the effort indeed.

  2. Very nice looking indeed, very nice.

  3. Jim,

    Looks great. I have long loved custom decals and do my own quite extensively.

    You can reduce the ink bleeding by applying a thin coat of decal repair fluid (Like Microscale Liquid Decal Film) on top before you cut the decal out of the sheet.

    This will help create a seal above the ink (as sometimes the spray fixatives do not coat well) and reduce bleed by properly sealing the ink against water.

    Only coat as many decals as you will be using per session, though, as it can go brittle as it ages. This also helps restore old and brittle decals. But the thicker you apply it, the stiffer the decal becomes. So try to keep the coats thin!