Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Soul Reaper Battle Report Contest winners revealed

Okay, first off, We would like to say thank you to the Independent Characters and the 11th Company for entering this contest. I wish more of the community were as open minded to helping out as you guys are.

Both of these great podcasts have been very large supporters of the Gaming Community; my friends over at Table Top War are just trying to emulate their example with their little contest to help me with the Soul Reapers codex and The Codex Project. So thanks guys for the great prizes and running this contest!

The winner of the Soul Reaper Battle Report Contest was Neil from the 11th Company!

So, Neil, please email Mags your address, and he will send out the 70 Resin Bases!

Carl from the Independent Characters was the 2nd place winner, I have forwarded your address to Mags and your prize is winging its way to you door!

Thanks again to both of you for supporting the Soul Reapers codex and The Codex Project.

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