Friday, January 6, 2012

Killzone V3 file links

There seems to be some sort of issue with the current downloads on the Codex Project page, so I am making a secondary set of links for the current PDF's.

Feel free to leave any feedback, comments or questions here in this post.



  1. Hi, I just stumbled on this and I really think I want to run it with some of the local players...I had a question about the update in the errata regarding space marines. Under what units are available to be taken It only seems that sergeants are only available, not troops. So does that mean I am not allowed to take tactical troops and can only take sergeants? I would love to get a little more insight on how that whole part works.


  2. Ashton,

    You may take as many normal marines as your points allow, the sergeants are limited to one per squad type. You must take of of the standard marines to gain access to the sergeant, for example you must take at least one tactical marine to take a tactical sergeant. It is explained on Page 5 of the Codex Operatives PDF.

    Hope that clarifies it for you.

  3. Cool thanks for answering my question, that is what I thought, it just seemed initially that you could only take one, but it makes sense now...I am looking forward to playing this system, it seems like it would be a ton of fun!


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  5. Oh actually I have one more question. In regards to wargear,do troops start with none, or do they start with what they would normally start with. For example a typical tactical space marine starts with a bolter, bolt pistol and Kracks and would he start play with grenades or would he need to buy them according to the price lists in this system? And are walkers subject to the 80 point limit. Under vehicles it says one walker is allowed, but does not give any info about point limit.

  6. The models start with their standard wargear, if the includes grenades they have them.

    Marines cannot use walkers, but yes it does fall under the points limit and also the vehicles limitation listed on Page 5 of the codex.

  7. Hey Big Jim, I'm a big fan of the new rule set! I had a couple of quick questions:

    1: Do combi-weapons count towards the army wide weapon type limit? (ie combi-plasma takes an AP2 slot, and combi-flamers take a template spot). I assume they do.

    2. Am I correct in seeing you can only take a sternguard sergeant and no regular sternguard?


  8. Thanks for the comments and questions.

    1) Yes

    2) no look at the second comment on this post, it is explained on Page 5 of Codex Operatives.

  9. Thanks Big Jim. I see how the requirements for purchasing a sergeant work, but I'm still a little confused.

    On page 21 of the operatives book, under Space Marines, the sternguad squad entry says:

    "Sternguad Veteran Sergeant
    0-1 Sternguad Veteran Sergean"

    All of the other entries say Squad in the first line, and have the sergeant restrictions in the second. Is this simply a typo? Should the first line read "Sternguard Veteran Squad"?

    Thanks again!

  10. Actually the entry says:

    Sternguard Squad
    0-1 Sternguard Sergeant

    Meaning there is no restriction on regular sternguard marine and a limit of one total SG Sergeant. The bolded format may be messing you up, but each squad entry is bolded.

  11. I just re-downloaded the Operatives book from the link above, and that solved the problem. The one I downloaded before must not have been the final version.

    Thanks for helping me clear this up.