Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Night Lords playtest codex is up on TCP

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share the news that we have a new fandex offering over at the Codex Project for the Night Lords Chaos Marine faction. Many months and hours have been put into this fandex to make it really have the right feel to represent the Night Lords on your tabletop.

I'd really like to thank and congratulate Seregon and Talos for all their hard work on this project. Good job guys! They are waiting for your feedback to help make sure that the codex is balanced and plays well.

So head on over to the Codex Projects Playtest page and check it out!



  1. Great work, I really like the flavor you've given the NL via the special rules - nothing too dominating, and without unfair double edges to it.

    I do have a minor question: I saw that you have a 13th Company Space Wolves ruleset linked along with the Night Lords one, but the link is dead. Is that because it is no longer up-to-date or what? Thanks in advance. :)

  2. Thanks for the comments and the heads up on the downloads, I will check them tonight and fix the broken links.


  3. Thanks for the comments bhsman, much appreciated. We're happy with the feel of it so far and we'll hopefully have added some flesh to the background very soon :-)