Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eldrad commission finished

Here is a commission of Eldrad I painted for my buddy Geoff from the Independent Characters podcast. I followed the latest color scheme for Eldrad from the finecast packaging, with a little variation.

I spent a ton of time attempting to give some depth to all the bone colored parts.

Here is the finished miniature:


  1. Looks great, really like the work you did on the gemstones

  2. I didn't notice the gems really myself... I went right to the highlights one the black. Nice work there. A model with the much black can be problematic.

    Ron, FTW

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comment!

    The black was the result of 7 very, very light drybrushes starting with a charcoal grey. Then a final highlight was placed in different locations using some charcoal grey mixed with vallejo field blue, this made the model "pop" even though it is a drab scheme.


  4. Seven layers of drybrushing makes for a lot of effort, but the end result seems to have been worth it. Nice work!

  5. It looks good Jim - I know Geoff is thrilled with it!



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