Monday, April 2, 2012

Episode 3 of the Codex Project podcast is up

On this episode we discuss:

We discus project updates on some TCP documents and delving into the disconnect felt between the 40k background and the game.

Segment 1- Project updates: Version 6 of the Soul Reapers Codex is available for download. Jeff talks about the upcoming Imperial Fist Codex.

Segment 2- hobby Progress and discussion about what we are doing making painting converting new releases etc etc...Forge World releases several awesome new models.

Segment 3- How can you bring the stories in the Novels to life on the tabletop when the game does not in any way facilitate that in a realistic manner.


  1. This podcast is literally my favorite podcast out there!
    Finally someone who has the same ideals as I do for 40k.
    I live in a competitive environment but I am DEEPLY story driven player.
    Keep going with this.
    You have my full support and hope to become involved with you guys in the near future!

  2. Thanks Kevin, we appreciate the feedback. I am happy that the show is getting better with each episode.

    We will be recording again this week, maybe even twice! I'd like to record our 40k 6th ed wish list cause it would be crazy fun!


  3. I definitely look forward to it!



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