Thursday, April 12, 2012

S.O. Killzone at Adepticon only 8 days away!

Hey guys just wanted to remind you that the Killzone events for Adepticon start in eight days! I am super excited to see what Brian has done with the tables for this years event!

last years "Glorious" layout!

Also he has wrangled up some fantastic prize support for the events as well, so head on over to A Gentleman's Ones and check out the swag that you can win by attending a day of fantastic 40k skirmish gaming!

All the best of luck to Brian and all the players at this years Event!


  1. Can't wait to stop by and see the event!!! Notice I said 'see', cause it sold out so quick! Maybe I can take a no-show's spot ;)

  2. I'll definitely be stopping by to see the table.
    Maybe next year I can join in.

  3. Tim. Absolutely. Be sure to drop by and I will do my very best to make sure you get a few games.

    Jim. Glorious.



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