Monday, August 6, 2012

Malifaux Commission for Snake Eyes

Here is Snake's finished Perdita crew plus friends. They were heaps of fun to paint, unfortunately it took me a bit longer to finish them as I am struggling with tendonitis in my right forearm and wrist. The minis are trucking their way down to SoCal as I type this.

large pic of all the minis

sorry for the blurry pic, grr I am really happy with the prison pants, at least they still show up

I really dig Witchling Stalkers


  1. Fantastic job!
    I really like the Witchling Stalker models as well!
    Bases look great!

  2. These look really good Jim. So when are you going to take the dive?

  3. Wow. Those look great. :)

    Did you get that thing I sent ya? Emailed it to the address on your blogger profile.

  4. Awesome Job Mr. Jim!!

    Can't wait to perform some DOMINATION with the Ortega's!!! Thanks Again!!

  5. Thanks for the comments guys!

    @Nix: I am wavering now that I have been painting these great minis, but have yet to get anyone I know interested.

    @Son of Dorn; I did get your email, and am seeing what we can come up with.

    @Snake; I hope they preform as well as they look! Glad you like em!


  6. Why, oh why, does no one put the other stick of dynamite in Papa Loco's mouth where it belongs?

    The models look great, though.